Thursday, January 16, 2014


For New Year's Eve we tried a new restaurant with friends. (Yes, I realize that today is already half way through January. I've been busy so expect a mad rush of posts and updates in the next week. Sorry!)

Shabu shabu is a popular meal in Japan. We've seen it at restaurants and hotel buffets in the past but something else always looked tastier. Translated as "swish swish", the dish is served by taking thinly sliced meat and vegetables and cooking it in boiling water.

We were a large group so a Japanese coworker made reservations for us. Our table served four and had two options for cooking soups. We opted for a disappointing seaweed broth and a surprising delicious tomato-based broth.

The experience was very similar to fondue except we weren't given sauces to dip our meat and veggies.

A fun experience although not one we will likely repeat.

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