Friday, April 27, 2012


We had the most phenomenal breakfasts!

Day 1
 Day 1: Scrambled eggs (from the chicken down the road), fresh salad with sesame dressing, seasoned pork, walnut bread, and a plate of mixed fruit.

Day 2
 Day 2: Eggs (again, fresh that morning), pork, chicken piece, salad with French dressing, walnut bread, and fruit plate.
Daily Fruit Plate w/ fresh cream

Day 3
 Day 3: Potato and egg omlet with local tomato sauce (sweet taste, almost a mix between salsa and marinara), seasoned pork, salad with sesame dressing, pickled broccolini, yeast rolls, and a fresh fruit plate.

Day 4
Day 4: Hash browns with spicy ketchup sauce, fresh salad with Italian dressing, seasoned pork, and a poached egg with a sweet brown sauce.

Each day we had fresh coffee (and the Japanese like it strong!), fresh fruit tea, orange juice, vegetable juice, and fresh spring water. After being home for a few days my Cheerios and hard-boiled eggs just don't taste as good!

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