Tuesday, April 3, 2012


A few months ago we went to Sandoku for a work Christmas party. The restaurant is about 30 minutes from base up in the mountains. This past weekend we decided to have date night (isn't every night date night when you don't have children?) and go back. To the base population the restaurant is known as the Chicken Shack.

Because of their fabulous chicken!

Served with rice
 The chicken has this wonderful homemade sauce on it. It's Sandoku's version of teriyaki.

Served with a salmon rice ball

Gyoza... yummy!

I got the house soup. It was labelled "dumpling soup" on the menu in English. It was a delicious broth with crispy fresh green onions and small balls of meat. I would compare the taste to a very soft Swedish meatball.

The Chicken Shack is one of the most popular places for the base population to go. However, on our visit, we were the only gaijin.

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