Saturday, April 28, 2012

Shirakawa Fountainhead

Day 1 - We got off a stop early from the bus to explore Shirakawa Fountainhead. The caldera surrounding Mt. Aso has many natural springs. There is a "spring crawl" (like a pub crawl, get it?) that tourists will travel to try all 28 springs in Minami Aso. We decided to just visit the one and call it a day.

From the main road it was a small walk back to a Shinto temple around the spring. Along the way we walked through a small flower garden.

Along the way we passed small stores that were selling empty bottles to fill up at the spring.

After paying a 100 yen entrance fee we watched people filling up huge containers and rolling them back to their cars. We only had a bicycle water bottle with us so that's what we filled up!

Below is a video from the day we were there. It produces so much water!

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