Monday, April 30, 2012

Dinner, Day 2

Our host not only runs a very comfortable pension, but is also a culinary genius! He said he cannot cook Japanese food - which we got a laugh about. On our first night we had Japanese fare at a local restaurant. On the second night we were told it was going to be French cuisine. Oh boy, were we in for a treat! The food just kept coming!

Our first course was a small appetizer of panchetta, baby leaf, red peppercorn, and the sweetest onion.  The whole thing was drizzled with olive oil and vinegar. This was Dustin's favorite course of the night.

Next came a four piece sampler with a mozzarella and spinach salad in the middle. Starting on the left is a slice of chicken with an orange slice and raspberry drizzle. Top is a small piece of sea bass with spicy peppers and a drizzle of olive oil. On the right we had a small slice of roast ham with the local tomato sauce we had at breakfast. The bottom is Tasmanian smoked salmon with dill and olive oil. Each piece was perfectly seasoned!

Course number 3 was sweet potato soup with frothed milk on top. So creamy!

Next up was a piece of sea bass with a nice crunchy outside. Underneath were vegetables seasoned with white wine and vinegar. I wish I could bottle up the white sauce around the plate. It was the perfect complement for the fish. Our host said it was a secret!

Next was a salad of fresh veggies with a light sesame dressing. My favorite part was the waffle-cut cucumbers!

Still more food! Next were two small squares of local beef. I have never had beef so tender! It was like slicing into a cheesecake. He vacuum seals it in a container then cooks it a long time at a low temperature. It was amazing! Dustin was very impressed with the soft onions. They were super sweet and had no crunch left.

DESSERT! This was my favorite part! He spun sugar! I have never actually eaten spun sugar before and it may be my new favorite treat. Like cotton candy mixed with a roasted marshmallow on a campfire. Yum! Underneath was a perfect creme brulee with a crunchy top. To the right of it was a small piece of fudge cake with raspberry drizzle to dip. Down from it was a small strawberry shortcake with fresh cream. Last on the plate was another new experience. Black sesame ice cream! I'm going to have to find it in our local grocery store. It was sweet but not overwhelming.

Finally, the END! A small cup of coffee to round out an amazing meal. We were so full we waddled out of the dining room. Definitely a meal to remember!

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  1. Looks delicious. I was wondering if Dustin got our birthday card?