Sunday, April 15, 2012


Why does it rain every weekend and then be absolutely gorgeous on my nine to five? It is so painful to see this spring season passing us. Spring means cherry blossom trees in Japan. They are absolutely beautiful, but I will not post any pictures here. There are a million images on Google and Yahoo to fill your plate. I won't post any of my cherry blossoms though because I want you to come see how beautiful they are in person - not on the screen.

Instead I will post what I have been filling my rainy weekends with in the last few weeks. I made my first terrarium.

I also replanted our herbs in terra cotta pots with chalkboard paint. (Any help on growing basil? It's always my hardest to keep alive.)

I was able to get my tulips to bloom! Well, almost all of them.

I had chalkboard paint left over so I created labels for mason jars and baking containers.

Lastly, I vacuumed the entire house and painstakingly went over every inch of the couch. Zero didn't wait long to jump back on and roll around.

Happy spring to everyone!

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  1. What? No jalapenos?! I think I recognize that KitchenAid mixer...