Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I am horrible with emotional things. Like really bad. Like try-to-avoid-it-which-makes-me-a-horrible-friend bad. It's not that I don't feel crappy about the situation; I just don't know how to show it. I'm sure there is some medical diagnosis out there that would explain why I am so bad with emotions.

Recently I had a friend go through something unspeakable. I won't tell the story, it's not mine to tell. A few of us got together and I realized how undeveloped I am emotionally.

I have another friend who genuinely is a kind soul. She sees meaning in everything, believes in angels and miracles, and shows her emotions properly on her face. She cries with you when you need it and gives you words to express the pain you're feeling. She makes you believe everything is part of God's plan and is beautiful.

I bring wine and tell inappropriate stories.

I am glad that I have people in my life who are adult enough to handle these situations. Surely there is a book or class or seminar where I can learn to be Melanie from Gone with the Wind.


  1. The answer is always at the bottom of the bottle, sometimes it takes multple bottles....