Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fresh Coffee

Sometime in the last five years I have become addicted to coffee. As a kid I remember thinking coffee smelled and tasted horrible. Who could like this stuff?! Yuck! Amazing how our tastes change over the years.

It's not the caffeine pick-me-up that brought me to the daily java. I genuinely like the taste of coffee. I blame the introduction of Peet's Coffee and Tea to making me a coffee snob. Unfortunately, I can't find Peet's in Japan and it would break all sorts of laws to mail it here.

The good thing is the Japanese are big coffee drinkers. And they like their coffee super strong. So living in Japan isn't difficult for a coffee snob. Especially when I found this:

On a co-worker's awesome Kobe mug

A pop-up coffee filter with grounds - just add hot water. Forget that nasty instant coffee! Now I can have fresh coffee without having to suffer through the bulk cheap stuff made in the office. Ohhh, and it's so good!

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