Saturday, May 18, 2013

Maple City

I completely forgot about Maple City! My iPhone is running out of space so I uploaded all my pictures and found these from a little bit ago. So here we go - Italian in Japan.

Maple City is advertised on base as a "date night" restaurant. It's nestled in a very small building which creates a pretty cozy dining room. I've been hearing great reviews on the food and no one is ever disappointed. I've also heard that it can be very difficult to get a table without a reservation. We happened to be out that direction one evening and decided to pop in and see if there was any availability.

We were lucky! Although, very under dressed for such a classy place. Unfortunately we forgot the camera and had to use the iPhone. Sorry in advance.

In Japan, most menus will include a "set menu". These options are intended to create an entire meal combination and are often cheaper than ordering individually. Unlike most restaurants in the US, your entree does not automatically come with soup, salad, bread, and drink. Hence, the set.

First up was an appetizer of raw fish. I'm usually not a fan of straight raw fish, but this was quite tasty. Dijon mustard and tomato were excellent complements.

Next was a small serving of "frito of kiss" as the English menu said. Not quite sure... but panko shrimp with balsamic vinegar was quite delicious. On the other side of the plate was a small serving of beef and asparagus with a red wine mustard sauce.

Dustin got pasta with spinach and raw salmon. It was fantastic!

I got a tasty garlic carbonara. It had those fantastic garlic chips that I love! I'm going to have to figure out how to make them. They are so good!

Not a complete set without dessert! I got the "cake of caramel and cacao." It had a strange gelatin texture, but all in all was pretty tasty. The glaze on top had espresso which was a major mistake on a weeknight, but totally worth it.

Dustin got "soft cheesecake that put source good flavor". Hehehe, whatever that means. It came with a small serving of chocolate ice cream.

Quite tasty for a last minute dinner out. I'm very surprised we were able to walk in without a reservation. We ended the meal with two cappuccinos. Again, big mistake on a weeknight! Highly recommend this for an adult date night. We really enjoyed it and had to be rolled out. Yummy!

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