Monday, May 13, 2013

Stupid Questions

Over the last two years I have gotten many e-mails and questions about life in Japan. It's only natural to be curious, and often I don't fully explain everything about our adventures. Also, I'm guilty of assuming everyone knows what I know. But sometimes people will ask the dumbest questions. I've compiled a list of some of the more recent ones that were still in my Comments log.

From Skype: Oh, I'm sorry, did I wake you?
Yes. If I didn't answer the first time, take a hint. Use the computer to find out what time it is in Japan. Or easier yet, I have it on the right side of my blog. Always ticking.

Are the Japanese really that short?

On average, most Japanese are a couple inches shorter than Americans; however, like Americans, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Do restaurants serve just sushi? That's all they eat there, right?

No. Only sushi restaurants serve just sushi. And from my experience, many Japanese eat a wide variety of foods. Sushi being what might make up just one meal a week. 

Does everyone live in houses with paper doors?
No. If the houses have paper doors it is for decoration only. They will also have a glass door behind. Heating/cooling is very expensive in Japan.

Does everyone drive like they do in 'Tokyo Drift'?

Do they eat fish everyday? You must miss hamburgers and fried food.
There is still plenty of friend foods in Japan. Many places sell hamburgers (and they are almost always fresher meats). No, they do not eat fish everyday; however, it is staple in most foods. I've written about dashi and that is made from fish pieces. so I suppose, yes, they do eat fish a lot more than average Americans.

Do you have bamboo floors?
No. We have carpet.

Are the woman that submissive there? They're like slaves, right?
What? No. No more than American women are slaves.

I was wondering about the Japanese sanitation system. I don't want no fountain in my toilet. Their sanitation system is set up for toilet paper, right?
Yes, we have toilet paper. I've written about the style of toilets, but I never thought it would be misinterpreted to that degree.

Do you have Japanese people come up to you for a autograph?
No. We're not the first Westerners they've seen. Sometimes people will ask for pictures because of my hair and eye color. Dustin has been asked to pose in his military uniform, but that was a special event where the Japanese community was invited on base.

Are there Walmarts in Japan?
No, but there are many shopping areas that are similar in the "one-stop-shop" setup. 

Have you eaten dog yet?
No. Japanese don't eat dog. They love their dogs.

Why do the Japanese drive on the wrong side of the street?
Why is that the wrong side?

Do you use chopsticks every time you eat?
It really depends on what type of food we are eating. Soups and curry are served with spoons. Salads are often served with forks. We use chopsticks for everything else. At home we use our silverware.

Do they use dollars there?
No. Japan has their own currency. We use yen.

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