Monday, May 20, 2013

You're doing it wrong...

Disclaimer. I'm angry. So this post is doomed.

This post is for military families that currently live in Japan....or those that are coming to Japan...actually all families...Forget that. Grr, I'm angry.

No matter how you enjoy Japan there are hundreds of Americans living around you who will declare that you're doing it wrong. They will voice their opinion on how you choose to adventure. Now I personally do not understand how people can live here for three years and never leave the base. But I don't harass them for it!

Things said to me since living in Japan:
  • You go off base too much.
  • You go off base too little.
  • Shop out in town more.
  • Shop out in town less.
  • Live off base for a better experience.
  • Live on base for convenience.
  • Take the train.
  • Don't take the train.
We will enjoy Japan however we feel most comfortable. If you have a recommendation on the logistics of our journeys then please share, but opinions on our adventuring decisions are unwelcome.

Take note.

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