Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Delayed Entry

I am always the last one to the technology party. Today a co worker's children came to the office after school. It has been pretty gross and rainy all day so they were hoping Mom would give them a ride home. As they were sitting in an empty cubical waiting, I started talking to them: one boy, age 12, and a girl, age 10. They both were very excited to show me their iPads.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. What?

Yes, I am an educated, happily employed, woman in my mid (late?)-twenties and I don't have an iPad. And that's when I realized I am always late to the technology party. When did this happen? I was right on board for gaming systems growing up. When did I stop chasing the "next big thing?" I was delayed in joining Facebook. I didn't purchase an iPhone until we moved to Japan and I'm still not up to date on Twitter, Instagram, or pretty much anything else that has come out since I've been overseas.

Last year a friend introduced me to Pinterest. For those that haven't joined the international pin board, it is phenomenal. I turn to it for inspiration, ideas, products, recipes, upcycling, and tips and tricks. Everything. Rather than purchase it off Etsy, I can make/do/create it myself. It all looks so easy! Sometimes my Pinterest inspirations have been wins; however, some have been epic flops.

I have promised myself to stay more involved with the technological upgrades. Until I can play catch up, I shall be perusing the pins.

Happy Wednesday!

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