Monday, March 18, 2013


So I love Facebook. I am on it all the time. Like all the time. It is the first thing I open when I wake up and the last thing I close before turning out the light. This is definitely the definition of 'addiction.'

Our Facebook pages have become an extension of ourselves. It's like a diary that you let everyone read. Actually, that's the definition of a blog. So Facebook is more like the Cliff Notes version of your diary.

If something is private, and I mean private, don't post it on Facebook. All else is fair game for the world to critique. Now I love Facebook. I like “knowing” what is going on in people's lives without all that pesky personal contact that is usually required. I like seeing pictures of their lives - weddings, vacations, fun nights out. I like watching the relationship status go from ‘single' to 'in a relationship' to 'married' (queue wedding photos). And I give the obligatory "Oh no!" when it goes to 'it's complicated'.

There are things that should be kept private or limited. Often I will roll my eyes at the lame puns and poorly executed memes (spell check anyone?!). And how many pictures of your child are needed in one photo upload? All you did was walk around your kid taking the same photo over and over. Now I don't have children so maybe I will "get it" once I procreate spawn. Until then, a few photos of your child doing different things is appreciated.

One of the biggest things I love about Facebook is reconnecting with old friends. Over the years and half dozen moves, I have lost contact with some pretty cool people. For example, remember that girl you used play tag with and catch crawdads with in the creek? Or that boy you had a super duper crush on while taping Backstreet Boys posters to your wall? What about that teacher that changed your life in high school?

I love Facebook because now I can catch up with all of them. From Japan. Or North Carolina. Or wherever we are stationed next.


  1. Nana had me print out your Facebook blog, because we couldn't have said it any better. So many of our friends want to put down Facebook as not being very serious. But I know in particular that your Nana gets a lot out of Facebook, and, let's face it, no pun intended, she's funny.

    1. Agreed! I live on Facebook and have relied on it so much these last few years. And I think Nana is hilarious. I totally got my sense of humor from her, I'm sure.