Thursday, March 28, 2013


One food we haven't tried since our first time is okonomiyaki. If you forgot, this is "Japanese pancake," although it is unlike any pancake I've ever had. First you start with a delicious crepe. Add in your choice of soba or udon noodles. We chose udon because we like the wheat noodles better. Next comes a huge serving of cabbage and onion, a few slices of pork, and a fried egg.

The cabbage wilts after a few minutes. Then, and this takes skill as we saw, they flip the crepe/egg sandwich over. Brush on the okonomiyaki sauce and add any special toppings and you're done.

We decided to split one because they are huge. We added green onions and garlic chips. The garlic chips were amazing! Chewy and crispy... and didn't bring up any bad memories.

For my Japanese friends, this wonderful little restaurant is at the end of Hondori Street. We shared the garlic/onion okonomiyaki and spent 680 yen. Not bad for some fantastic food.

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