Friday, March 29, 2013

Night Bus

This past weekend the International Tokyo Anime Fair was being held in Odaiba. Getting to Tokyo is not just like jumping in the car for a few hours. Neither Dustin and I wanted to take vacation for it, but we also didn't want to miss it. So we looked into making the journey up and back on a normal weekend. That's a tall order. Plane tickets were costly because it is cherry blossom season. Shinkansen tickets weren't much better.

Our hopes were dashed.

Until a coworker mentioned the Night Bus.

A bus? Eww. No, thank you. I'm thinking uncomfortable seats, weird smells, and funky people. This was all until I learned that in Japan they are similar to the Knight Bus in Harry Potter.

Okay, so maybe not as spectacular, but still pretty nice. We got on the bus at the Iwakuni Train Station. I was thinking large tour bus with a center row, but instead there were fewer seats. Two aisles with one seat in each. Curtains provided your own little cocoon of privacy.

The seats reclined so you could lay down. There was a adjustable foot rest so you could stretch your legs out. Not bad at all.

The company provided free water, tea, and coffee. The bathroom was down a small flight of stairs under the bus. So eleven hours later we arrived at the Tokyo Station after a decent night's sleep and ready to explore the city.

Price-wise it was the most economical way to travel from Yamaguchi Prefecture to Tokyo. Time-wise was a bonus because we were traveling while sleeping so there was never any dead time. We also saved the cost of two nights in a hotel. Lastly, it was a pretty comfortable ride.
I have a feeling we will be making the journey to Tokyo a bit more often!

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