Friday, March 15, 2013


Dustin and I like to eat. It is no surprise that food is the largest tag hanging out to the left. We both enjoy adventuring, particularly when it is of the culinary variety. One great food adventure we take every day is lunch.


What? You don't eat lunch? Pity. Before I changed careers I packed us healthy, well-balanced lunches every day filled with fruit, veggies, juice (for him), granola bars, and a protein. Often there was a little bit of leftovers or a tasty sandwich. And always a prune. You know, for later. I’m an amazingly responsible wife.

Unless I’m lazy. Or tired. Or we forgot to go to store. Or we went to the store but they were out of everything. Then we buy lunch in the food court. Which basically means that we buy lunch 60% of the time. I'm kidding. It's more like 80%.

When Dustin came back from his latest solo-adventure, I vowed to make healthier choices for our little family. Since then we have enjoyed a much wider variety of foods (thank you, Pinterest) and I've gotten back in the kitchen. Gasp! I know, after years of claiming I never cook. I will admit defeat and cave to what Dustin has been saying all these years.

You are an excellent cook, when you do it.

Zero agrees...
So twice a week I sit down and plan our meals out. I wish I could do it once a week, but we find that our commissary is hit and miss with many "staples" which can throw a kink in any recipe plan. This coupled with our half marathon training schedule means I haven't done a whole lot these last few nights. And I miss my evening time. My decompress time. My read a good book, finish a Japanese language lesson, or catch a television show time. So last night I decided to create a menu with more crock pot meals. It's the perfect solution! Get it going and come home to delicious and healthy food after my ten hour work days and training runs. Win!

Until someone forgets to turn on the crock pot before leaving for the day.

We're back to sandwiches. Yum!

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