Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hiroshima Peace Pagoda

We haven't been to Hiroshima in a while. Not because it is too far away or there is nothing to do... we just haven't. We like going up for the nightlife, but since the new restrictions on Marines took that away we haven't made the trip in a while. So this weekend we planned to take the train up and spend the afternoon in one of our favorite cities.

So after our training run (6 miles) we made our way to the train station. But, this is Japan, there is always something fun going on. At the train station they were letting people dress up and play with old weapons. So we laughed at that for a bit.

After the forty-five minute train ride we arrived in Hiroshima. And started climbing a Futaba-yama. Yes, after a six mile run, we climbed a mountain. A very steep mountain. The path we were taking led us through a Japanese cemetery. I haven't written much about them before, but they are eerily beautiful areas. I'll take better pictures and do a detailed post on them later. For now, we climb all those stairs. After running six miles. After hiking up the mountain to get here.

At the top we were rewarded with the Peace Pagoda.

Built to honor the victims of the atomic bomb, the pagoda is said to house the ashes of Buddha. Another reward for the mountain climb and stair climb was the view of Hiroshima. It was a bit overcast, but still a cool sight.

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