Thursday, April 11, 2013

AFN Spots

I love AFN. And I think everyone else who has lived overseas secretly does too. It's the best guilty pleasure. You try so hard not to laugh or be entertained. But eventually, after months of repeats, you find yourself singing along.  (I wrote about AFN when we first got here if you don't remember.)

This is my favorite commercial right now. I find myself screaming "Taskute! Kyu kyu Sha!" at random times throughout the day.

This one was made in Iwakuni. I loved Speed Racer as a kid. Plus it cracks me up that he shifts an automatic car.

Often they will take popular concepts and use them. Dustin and I often comment on copyright and trademark infringement.

If that wasn't enough just Search AFN Commericals on YouTube to find loads of homemade fun.

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