Monday, April 1, 2013

Legoland Discovery Center

I love my TripAdvisor app. If you don't have it, go get it. I'll wait.

We use it all the time while traveling. Get done with a place earlier than expected?
Whip out the phone and find interesting things in the area.
Hungry but don't know what any of the signs around you say?
Whip out the phone and find restaurants based on price and cuisine.

We finished at the Tokyo Anime Fair earlier than expected, so I started looking around for other things we hadn't seen yet in the Odaiba area. TripAdvisor mentioned a Legoland Discovery Center less than half a mile from where we were. So we started walking. Legos? Yes, please.

After learning how Legos are made (ALL in Denmark, huh, who knew?), we shot bad guys with laser pointers on the indoor roller coaster. The next room was quite spectacular. Downtown Tokyo. In Legos.

Rainbow Bridge, Statue of Liberty, Tokyo tower

Rainbow Bridge at "night"

The Japanese have a sense of humor - Gojira!

My favorite section the busiest intersection in the world. Remember when we went there?

The famous Shibuya intersection
Downtown Tokyo during the "day"

A minute later... "night"

We continued to the next area that was dotted with small pits to play. (Wormslayer, Lego storage idea?)

There were jungle gyms, Duplos, huge Legos (think the size of a small dog as one block), Friends Legos, and Pixar's Cars Legos. We bought some snacks (unfortunately not Lego themed) and watched a 3D animated Lego adventure. Dustin's favorite area was the gift shop. Lots of selection and variety on licensed Lego sets. Definitely a fun place to spend a few hours. Thank you, TripAdvisor app.

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