Saturday, April 20, 2013

Honey Cream Nachos

For Dustin's birthday we visited an old haunt that has been off our radar for almost six months. For a while we were visiting Mike's Tex Mex on a pretty regular basis. Okay, I'm not sure how I never wrote about this restaurant, but I've searched through my posts and can't find anything. So let me back track.

There is this great little Mexican restaurant about a mile from the Main Gate. Some people hate it, but it reminds me of all the Mexican restaurants I've had in the past. Four steps up from Taco Bell, two steps down from Tijuana Tacos. So pretty tasty, but not totally authentic.

They do have amazing salsa. Like real salsa, not that watered down stuff we normally get served. And they have amazing orange margaritas. It is usually the go-to place for Girl's Night, Sayonara Parties, etc. Dustin and I went often because it forced us to walk three miles to enjoy cheap drinks and tasty food. Plus, with both of us being lactose intolerant we could toot our way home and not have to compete smells with Zero. Yes, you needed to know that.

But with our clean eating and the ban on alcohol off base we have stopped walking out to enjoy cheese covered greatness. Until a birthday rolled around. Now my family has a tradition of having homemade sopapillas on birthdays. Fill these fluffy pillows with beans, cheese, and vegetables. For dessert add some honey and powdered sugar. It is a tradition we both miss.

To try and recreate a birthday tradition in Japan we visited Mike's. The food was just as tasty as we remembered, but a new sign caught our eye.

This sounds horrible! Honey cream on nachos?! I'll admit. The little bee sold me. Okay, that and a little curiosity.

Our plate was filled with homemade chips, a small layer of queso, cream, and honey. Honestly, not too bad! I think it would have been better without the cheese, but the flavors worked well together. Surprisingly. Although, we won't ever get them again.

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