Friday, April 26, 2013


I gently nag pester ask Dustin to occasionally write his perspective on things. He always rolls his eyes and says "That's your thing". But sometimes there are adventures that I can't go on. And some of them sound so amazing! Suicide Cliffs, camping at Penny Lake, and four months of Texas/Okinawa experiences. Sigh, think of all that amazing food. (Okinawa, not Texas.)

Some of his adventures are not voluntary. Dubbed "mandatory fun", these events boost morale and promote camaraderie. Usually I think they look like tons of fun. Camping under the stars, field day events (tug-a-war, egg drops, etc), and a feast. What's not to love about that adventure?

Click for some mando-fun as reported by our Station's newspaper, because Dustin refuses to write.

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