Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Internet Friends

So I wrote about Facebook a few weeks ago. It quickly made the top ten for most viewed posts and continues to trend pretty well.

Nothing has changed, I still love Facebook. And am on it more than I should be.

Originally I wrote about reconnecting with old friends. While that has been swell, I find I am more excited by making new connections with people that were never really close friends. Where were you when I was in high school and college? We love the same things. And I take your comments, pins, and tweets on recommendations because I know they will be worth it.

Social media, and Facebook especially, gives us the freedom to be wider versions of ourselves. Although we never intentionally post the wider pictures.

Recently I reconnected with an old friend from middle school. I was fascinated to go through his diary (aka the Cliff Notes version through Facebook) to see the person he has become. My middle school friend is a completely different person now, albeit from my assessment, not a bad one. And he chose a career I never would have guessed from the assumptions made by the twelve year old version of myself.

And that again, is a reason I love Facebook. It continually changes my world view.

Now a bit of self-promotion:
I have been reading Tywkiwdbi for years. It is my favorite blog on the web and a daily spot for me to waste a half hour or so. So when he listed Tice Adventures as one of the "Best Personal Blogs of 2013" I pantsed my poop. Squee!

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