Monday, August 15, 2011

5,280 Feet

After viewing the lower falls we decided to hike up to the upper falls. The trailhead said it was only 3.6 miles and we figured that would be a good hike with some great views. Also, after seeing them from the bottom we wanted to see them up close.

So we began hiking up the Upper Falls trail. It was extremely steep and had (according to the sign) about 60 switchbacks. I stopped counting.

Half Dome
 It was an intense hike. Switchbacks straight up the mountain. After hiking for what felt like forever we made it to an overlook.
At Columbia Rock
 There was only one other couple hiking up but we passed multiple groups coming down. Sometimes the top was "thirty minutes" and other people stated it was "at least two hours." Deciding that we needed more water and some supper we opted to turn around.

Giant Sequoia
When we got to the bottom our afternoon hike was only one mile! We felt like we had hiked for hours and at least expended enough effort to hike more than that!

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