Monday, August 29, 2011

Vending Machines

They are everywhere! And have anything you could posssibly imagine!

The drinks come out cold. The coffee comes out hot. The selection goes on forever. I had a very good apple tea out of one on the day we got here, but Dustin hit disaster with a green tea he purchased today. Coke products, sodas, waters, teas, milk, coffee, specialty drinks, and even wine are in these things!

Cigarette Machine
The crazy thing is they are everywhere. Corners of streets, major thoroughfares, even the middle of a neighborhood that looked pretty sketchy. Often they are just sitting on cinder blocks near a light pole with an extention cord running up for electricity.


  1. Nana is wondering, "WHAT ARE YOU SLEEPING ON!" That's in her small voice. We haven't seen a picture of your bed, just a description of your mat. We know you're tired, and we wish we were there with you.

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