Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Have Arrived!

...and are exhausted!

The view from the airplane was phenomenal. Lots of small islands everywhere. Side note: Japan is made up of 6,582 islands.

After a long day of flying we arrived at 3PM local time on Saturday. We are 13 hours ahead of the east coast. Our sponsor was there to meet us and took us and Zero around the base. We dropped her off at the kennels which was hard. She has been in small spaces so much the last five days. She's doing great though and doesn't seem to show any signs of distress once she's out of the box!

Now we are settled somewhat in another hotel room. We will be here until we are given housing. Our sponsor put Cheerios and milk in the fridge and pointed us to the local Taco Bell. We are set until our day-long "indoctrination" seminar on Monday.

We plan on exploring the base tomorrow, but want to do nothing now but sleep. Pictures to come!


  1. This is my first Comment. Can you see it? Nana xxxx

  2. Reading your blog, we're almost as tired as you were living it! Nana is happy that her call to the President finally got results! We miss you, and give our hugs to Dustin and Zero.

  3. Glad to see you guys made it safely, have fun exploring the base!