Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today was a pretty boring day. Dustin had to report to work so I stayed around the hotel room. About an hour later he picked me up and we went to visit the many places we had to visit to check-in. First on our list was housing.

The housing office was empty when we arrived and we found out we were missing some paperwork, BUT I asked about the wait list for townhomes. (Side note: there are two types of on-base housing. The towers and townhomes. The townhomes are the only ones that allow dogs, but also allow for more space so they go very fast. If they were all full we would have to look off-base. That wouldn't have been horrible, but with the yen/dollar exchange rate it would have been very expensive. Also, I'm not sure if our furniture would fit and we definitely wouldn't have a room for visitors... which we want.) The woman looks at us and Dustin's rank and said she had keys for us today if we brought back our paperwork!

AHHH!!! Happy dance! Don't have to live in the hotel forever! Zero can come home! Happy dance!

Needless to say we went immediately to get our paperwork, came back and got keys to see two different townhomes.

One is brand new on the north side of the base. It is a nice clean neighborhood with quick access to Main Gate. The floorplan was okay and had tile throughout. Unfortunately, it was the second floor. So the fenced in yard that would be our responsibility was in the front right under the downstairs house kitchen window. It also was a much smaller yard. But it was brand new with convenient access to the gate.

The second option was out in the older housing. It has brown carpet throughout and the HVAC system is hanging down from the ceiling. The kitchen is huge with a floating island. The location is by the Monzen gate, which lets out into the back side of town. You also have to go over the Freedom Bridge to get to it and we have been told it ices in the winter. The neighborhood wasn't as clean. The sidewalks were cracked and the grass was a little out of control in some areas. But it was on the bottom and came with a fenced in yard and large patio.

The decision has been bothering all day. Dustin and I looked at over 30 homes when we purchased our home in North Carolina. I am horrible about these kind of decisions.

Tomorrow we go in to sign all the paperwork. We must decide by then.

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  1. I would recommend the 2nd choice, you can fix it up a little, (Dustin is so handy) and Zero will have a yard to play in. Pic.s please. love mom