Saturday, September 10, 2011

Base Housing

Oh, I am so tired. Today we explored Hiroshima (more on that later) and I hear my pillow calling my name. It was a very full day... but I realized I hadn't updated in a really long time. We have housing! We are out of the temporary lodging facility and in our own house. Even better: we have all our stuff!

In the breezeway

Backyard - we are the bottom

Small patio, yard, and shed
Because we don't have children we only qualify for a two bedroom, one bath. It's enough space for us, although the single bathroom sink has already proven to be an issue. We also got Zero back! She has enjoyed exploring her new domain and marked every corner in the backyard.

Both of our shipments were here so they were delivered on our first day. It was very nice because then we didn't have to use any of the loaner furniture. (The base will give you loaner furniture until your things arrive. Couches, mattresses, etc.)

Moving team
The Japanese moving company was phenomenal. They tape up the doorway to prevent any scuffing and took off their shoes on every trip from the truck into the house. They also put together all the furniture that was taken apart... even some of the things that I had done. The whole side of the moving truck lifts up. Pretty nifty if you ask me.

Both shipments were in the house in less than an hour.

The dishes and glassware were perfect. Unfortunately, every piece of wood furniture we have got chipped, scratched, or dented. Oh well. Not sure how they will reimburse us for it yet.

The kitchen is wonderful and I have enjoyed filling every drawer and cabinet with our things. The floating island can be moved anywhere, although I have it locked in the center. For those that remember the Midway Park house... this is a definite step up. The biggest thing I noticed was how clean it was when we moved in. (Key word there is 'was'. Right now it looks like a tornado came through). The Japanese contractors cleaned every inch of the living space. Much better than anything I saw moving into rentals back home.

We have an extra bedroom for guests and a large living room for more beds... just sayin'. :)

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