Thursday, September 29, 2011

Miyajima Animals

Miyajima is known for it's floating torii gate, but also for the deer. They were wild at one point, but now are so used to people they walk among you looking for food. They tried to get our map a few times.

We watched this deer dig into a stroller looking for snacks. The owner pushed him away forcefully multiple times, but this little deer was pretty persistent. Something was tasty...

Around the beaches were a few hawks that would swoop down and grab at food. We tried getting a picture of them flying, but our camera is not fast enough. It was a little scary at how fast they would come flying down.

During our hiking up the mountain we found some beautiful spider webs. Most of them were very elaborate and would span the entire trail. The spiders on them were HUGE! I know there is nothing to show scale in this picture, but I would estimate they were the side of my hand.

There are many creeks and erosion ditches along the way. On one of the bridges we met this little guy... who looks like he just ate a ham sandwich. He was still pretty fast, but definitely weighed down by something in his belly.

Miyajima is also the permanent home for many people. Behind a gate we found two foxes in a garden. This one was kind enough to pose for a few pictures before scampering away.

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