Thursday, September 29, 2011


We decided not to eat dinner on Miyajima Island and wait till we got back to Iwakuni. It is a big tourist area so the prices weren't favorable. Since we weren't staying overnight in the area we decided to go back to Coco Ichibanya in Iwakuni instead... because it is so yummy.

But we did have some snacks. One thing we wanted were fresh momiji. This time Dustin got the sweet bean paste. They were warm and fresh and the centers were still very gooey.

On our way out there were many vendors still selling their goodies. We saw eel and octopus on a stick, popcorn, grilled oysters, and French fries. One stand smelled so good and had these sticks spinning really fast over hot coals. On the sticks was a meat wrapped around. I asked the man what it was and he said "fish." So we opted to try it.

It was SQUID! Eww! 

Also scattered throughout the park were beer vending machines. The drinking age here in twenty, but it doesn't seem to be strictly enforced. 

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