Saturday, September 17, 2011

Streets of Hiroshima

We spent some time walking the streets. Shopping in Hiroshima is amazing. We crossed a street and came upon a very loud outdoor campaign. I can't impart how loud it was... I felt it in my chest it was so loud.

VitaminWater! They didn't speak any English, but it was so fun. You push buttons and at the end it recommends a flavor. It probably wouldn't have been cool if I could have understood the loud music or what everyone was saying. The energy was very high and even though we couldn't speak to each other it was tons of fun. One woman did speak some English and said Dustin had pretty eyes. He didn't let me hear the end of it all afternoon.

While we were exploring the sidewalk went under the road at one point. We followed it and discovered a whole underground mall! It was awesome!

I just have to share the following picture. Wedding dresses here are not always the traditional white. Infact many of them are red and burgandy. While walking through the underground mall we found a bridal shop and this dress:

I loved it... Dustin said no.

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