Monday, September 5, 2011

Fishing Pole

We saw this guy fishing while visiting the bridge. His fishing rod was very long!

I found out it is called  a tenkara rod.

Tenkara rods are a type of fly rod used for tenkara fishing in Japan. A mixture of the rods in the other categories, they are carbon rods, fly rods and telescopic rods all in one. Their extended length normally ranges from 11–13 feet, and they have a very soft action. Similar to western fly-rods tenkara rods also have cork, and sometimes even wooden handles, with wooden handles (such as red-pine, and phoenix-tree wood) being the more prized rods due to their increased sensitivity to fish bites and the heavier feel that helps balance the rods. Tenkara rods have no guides. Tenkara is a fixed-line fishing method, where no reel is used, but rather the line is tied directly to the tip of the rod. Tenkara fishing is very popular in Japan, where these rods can be found in every major tackle shop. In the US, tenkara is beginning to grow in popularity. (Source.)

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  1. This article could have come out of Field & Stream. Well written!