Sunday, September 25, 2011

Coco Ichibanya

!!!!!!  Excellent food!!!!

Okay, let me start from the beginning. When we learned we were getting orders to Japan all our friends and coworkers started putting in their two cents about housing, driving, restaurants, and culture. The one thing that everyone agreed on was Coco Ichibanya. I'm certain we received more recommendations to try CoCo's then we have fingers and toes combined.

So Wednesday night we walked downtown to have curry. Unfortunately, we were so hungry and the food smelled so good that we forgot to take pictures until we were already stuffing our faces.

Beef Cutlet Curry

Breaded Chicken Cutlet with Cheese

It was the best food we have had so far. They have various levels of hotness. I started with the child level because I've heard it can get pretty spicy. I wasn't sure of the Japanese version of spiciness. Dustin started at a level one of ten. Oh, it was so delicious! We cleaned our plates and then waddled the two and a half miles home.

Coco Ichibanya is a chain curry house and is considered fast food. Even better: English menu.

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