Sunday, September 25, 2011


We really like exploring the city and find ourselves walking off base more evenings then staying home. The walk from our front door, across base, and to downtown Iwakuni us about two and a half miles. It's an easy walk with sidewalks from almost the whole way. Plus then we don't feel guilty about devouring delicious food in town.

Friday is a late night for me so we didn't get started until about 6PM. I had gotten a recommendation to try a noodle shop called G. Labo. I was feeling some Italian food especially something that is said to "put Olive Garden on the Burger King level."

The Japanese are much more formal so I always feel like I'm dressing up when we go out. I'm always the most casual compared to the locals because I can't justify making the long walk in heels. But that's another post...

We found G. Labo after some exploring, but they were closed for a private party. Instead we walked back to the covered mall area and went to Ganesh, an Indian restaurant. Oh, more good food!

Chicken with small salad
 I don't know what seasonings they put on the chicken, but it was fantastic. I think they cook it on skewers. The salad had a light drizzle of dressing. It was spicy and creamy and fit perfectly with the chicken.
Spinach and Potato Curry
 I got the spinach and potato curry at the regular level. It was good, but not great. I should have upped the spiciness level because I felt it was a little bland.

Chicken Egg Curry
 Dustin got the chicken and egg curry at a level one. It was really good and had chunks of hard-boiled eggs in it. Also it had nuts sprinkled in it that made for a good crunch. I had a bite of his and thought it was really good. He must have too because he finished the whole thing.

Paratha and Naan
 Dustin wanted cheese naan, but I wanted paratha. So we got them both. I would come again just for the bread.

Guaba and Mango Lassies
Indian food isn't complete without a lassie. They were very good. I had the mango one and finished it pretty quick. It was a great way to clean off the spicy from our tongues.

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