Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Disney Sea

So if Disneyland isn't enough there is another park geared to older ages. DisneySea has more thrill rides and tons of shopping.

When we first entered the gate we were treated to a brass band playing Christmas songs and Disney themes. I love a strong brass section so I was in tears by the end of their performance.

After we stowed our backpacks in a locker we walked into the first area of the park.... and saw a huge volcano! Disney never disappoints and is pretty good about getting everything down to the last detail. Are we having an earthquake? Nope, the volcano is just rumbling.

Miss Cape Cod? There was a whole section devoted to Cape Cod and had themed stores and restaurants.

Indiana Jones! This ride was different than the one in California. It was based off the most recent movie and was pretty good. We bought the picture that was taken at the end and I am working on loading it onto the blog for all to see.

Abu came out to take pictures while we were walking through Agrabah. He got down on a knee and kissed my hand before posing for a picture with us. The picture wasn't very good, but we snapped this one of him playing with another person.

Another cool thing about Disney Sea is.. well, the sea! Instead of parades throughout the park they do shows on the water. There was lots of shooting water, pyrotechnics, and fireworks. They move so quickly through the water that we thought for sure they would bump each other!

The best part of the show were the kites that were pulled behind jetskis. They whipped back and forth through the sky.

I have never ridden the famous Tower of Terror ride. I'm not a fan of straight drops, but agreed to ride with Dustin. The storyline was lost on us because all the rooms leading up the ride are all in Japanese and there was no translation. The ride was fun though!

We had a great time and were in the park until it closed. We took pictures while we were in every line as our theme for the day. There were so many people in the park! Definitely worth the trip!

We miss you!


  1. We miss you, too! Such great pictures.

  2. Wow - aren't you having too much fun??!! Pretty volcano. Disney always does a good job making the artificial look real.