Monday, November 21, 2011

Tokyo Museum of Sciences

In the Ueno area of Tokyo you will find museums, art galleries, and the zoo. A stop we had to make was to the Museum of Sciences. Similar to the Natural History museum in D.C., this museum boasts displays of local animals and plant life. It also had sections on technology.

Outside is a HUGE train engine. Fred, this is for you. We spent a good 15 minutes walking around this thing in all it's glory.

Once inside we walked though many exhibits including animals, insects, plants, rice varieties, and evolution of Japanese people. Here are some interesting pictures with a 100 yen piece to show scale. A 100 yen piece is about the same size as a nickel.

Val, we do have beetles. Lots of them...

Dustin's favorite floor had all the dinosaurs on it.

We spent the whole day wandering through this building. There were so many things to see and interactive displays! All the plaques were in Japanese, but each area had a computer display that would translate.

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