Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tokyo Disneyland

Yay for Disney!! We love theme parks and especially love Disney parks. They just seem to get it right and every detail is perfect. And I feel like they are cleaner. Anyway, it was a very gross day which probably kept the crowds away. When I say rain, I don't mean a light drizzle. Hard, cold rain with a nasty wind. We still had a GREAT time!

Cinderella's Castle

A Swiss Family Christmas tree

Raincoats over the costumes!

Lunch through a door handle
 Our biggest surprise was when we ventured over to a familiar ride and found that they had converted it for Christmas! Now we have been to Disney at Christmas time before and other than some decoration changes nothing really is different. The WHOLE RIDE had changed!

Pumpkin tree
The storyline was different, the rooms had been completely changed. Instead of the Haunted Mansion we were treated to a Nightmare Before Christmas tale! It was awesome!!

I've always loved teacups and this time was no exception! This was later in the evening. We ran around in the last 45 minutes and rode many of the rides with no wait. It was still raining and had gotten very cold so many people had left.

Figaro on teacups
Come visit us so we have an excuse to go again!

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