Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tokyo Tower

One of the main tourist attractions in Tokyo is their tower. It's pretty impressive and is lit with orange and yellow lights every night. The bottom four floors have a variety of shops and restaurants. There is a small carnival on the roof of the fourth floor and a really weird wax museum.

But first the tower.

View from observatory

New Tokyo Sky Tree


City just keeps going...and going...

Long way down...
Inside the buildings underneath is a very strange wax museum. It starts out with an assortment of well known characters then became the museum for death metal/rock bands that no one has heard of. Each section had wax figures of each member of the band, but we hadn't heard of any of the bands and when we Googled them they were tiny bands with unrecognizable songs. The memorabilia around the wax figures was impressive, but we didn't know any of the people!

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