Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Geek Out!

Okay so what does one do in Tokyo? Well if you are self-identified nerds like Dustin and me, you visit gaming establishments. First on the list was the Pokemon Center. About an hour on a train took us to the east side of Tokyo to the Hamamatsucho area. There we found one of my favorite childhood games and one of Dustin's... well, he still plays these games. He's gotta catch 'em all...

Another stop on our tour was the Square Enix store. We traveled on a few subways and finally made it to the Yoyogi area. Square Enix is the developer behind two of our favorite game franchises: Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. It was really cool!

Huge Sephiroth in the floor!

Kingdom Hearts

Dustin, Tonberry, and Cactar
Yes, yes, I know. How old are we? We were like little kids at DisneyWorld.

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