Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So I've been home inIwakuni for 2 weeks and now I am on the road again! Hopefully this will be the last work trip for a while... :)

Actually I have really enjoyed all the traveling. I wish Dustin could have been with me for all of it, but it was still amazing (and scary) to be forced to explore Japan. This trip is for a two day conference in Tokyo on Tuesday and Wednesday. So this time we planned ahead and took vacation before and after.

After working a full day on Friday we took a taxi, train, bus, plane, another bus, another train, and then a long walk to get to the Yokota Air Force base in Tokyo. It was a long night of traveling, but meant we could have a whole extra day to explore the world's most populated metropolitian area.

BLT with amazing mayo/sauce
We ate at a convenience store before quickly jumping on a bus to the airport. Yes, I said convenience store. We would never think of eating convenience store food in the states unless it was a last resort or we wanted to call into work the next day. Here convenience stores have great fresh food. My sandwich was pretty tasty and had a spicy mayo sauce. Paired with a cup of grapefruit juice made it quite a tasty dinner!

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