Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Another great area to visit in Tokyo is Odaiba. Home to the former largest ferris wheel in the world, Rainbow Bridge, and great shopping, Odaiba is the perfect place for an evening out. We took the subway to Shiodome and then a private train over rainbow bridge to this area. Palette Town is a collection of designer stores, excellent restaurants, and the Toyota museum and test track.

When we came into the area we heard loud music, chanting, and lots of cheering. After getting through the crowd we found a dance competition. Each group had a story to go along with their dance. Also all the dancers had clappers in their hands that added to the dance. (Clappers... those kitchy toys kids can buy at general stores that when moved back and forth create a loud clapping noise). It was the best use for clappers I have ever seen!

We were starving after all walking so our next stop was to find a restaurant. This was a nice restaurant, but they didn't have an English menu so it was "pick a picture that looks tasty." We got a set that included salad and soup. The soup was a tomato/beef broth with chunks of tofu. The salad was pretty standard with a vinegar dressing.

Dustin got a pork and mushroom dish with noodles. I got a huge meatball. I wasn't sure what it was before I ordered it, and was surprised to find it very flavorful with a small amount of cheese in the center. It was pretty good!

We didn't get dessert because the meal was so filling, but I couldn't help take pictures of these desserts. They look like pearls in oysters!

Dustin wanted a picture of this dessert with strawberries and chocolate cubes. It does look good!

While walking off our food bellies we found a puzzle store and bought many puzzles to put together when we get home. We also stumbled upon a Lego store with a life-size Buzz Lightyear!

The final stop while exploring the shops was the world's largest ferris wheel. Scratch that, they are no longer the largest as of a few years ago. So yes, we rode the former world's largest ferris wheel in Odaiba. It was a rainy, gross day so the view from the top was not as exciting. On a good day you can see the amazing skyline of Tokyo... but not today.

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